Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

Do you know what it is to feel blessed every day?

It is when you have someone by your side

That, despite whatever hardships you go through,

Is still able to make you smile.

Do you know how it is to feel lucky in life?

It is when you come back home

After a stressing day outside

And you get to have your good share of warm welcoming hugs

By the one you call Your Wife.

Do you know what is it to feel rewarded?

It is when you thought that all good things in life had ended

And then it just gives you the most precious gift

You have ever wanted.

I know what it is to feel all these things and more

Because one day God gave me YOU…




I write about all things that matters. And what matters more than Love? So I write about all kinds of Love. Especially about My Love...